Science Classes – Ascent


Ascent- Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Ascent will challenge students individually while bringing them together to build a cohesive community. This class employs both kinesthetic and cognitive challenges to engage students in communication, cooperation, and problem solving. Our instructors guide students through all activities and debriefs, while allowing students to develop their own solutions and conclusions. During Rock Climbing, the Climbing Wall, and the Alpine Tower students will learn about the safety equipment, and discover that climbing is one of the safest activities at Pathfinder. Before climbing, students will create their own goal to work towards. Fellow classmates will respect and encourage each other to meet or exceed their goals, but it is always up to the individual student when they are ready to come down. One of the above climbing options is combined with Team Challenge or ExCEEd (Equine Centered Experiential Education). Team Challenge involves a myriad of challenge and team building activities. ExCEEd is a variation of Team Challenge that involves a horse as a team member causing students to work harder to develop leadership, communication, and problem solving skills to reach their goal. During this theme, students will learn about working through challenges and how they can apply that perseverance back at home and school.


Based on the teacher’s activity selections, each class will include the following…

  • Climbing- Equipment, safety, commands, and ascending one of our climbing structures or an actual rock formation.
  • Team Challenge or ExCEEd- Elements of effective communication, cooperation, problem solving, and leadership.
  • Every Ascent Activity- Trying new things, perseverance, and setting personal goals.